Hospitals needs thousands of extra nurses or “patients safety will be at risk”.
May 2014: New NHS guidelines from Nice propose maximum of eight patients to one nurse to prevent dangerous understaffing. (Station)
Kleiner Auszug
“The report found understaffing at Stafford hospital, caused by cost-cutting by the trust, had contributed directly to what a previous official inquiry called "appalling care" which led to patients dying and suffering serious harm.
Professor Gillian Leng, Nice's deputy chief executive, is expected to say that hospitals should not see Nice's new recommended 1:8 ratio as a straitjacket, but that failure to observe it and overloading nurses risk harming patients.
Leng will also tell hospitals that nurses need to be constantly on the alert for "red flag events", such as patients not receiving help to go to the bathroom or not receiving pain medication, which can trigger an immediate need for more nurses on the wards.”

Dagegen muss man sich wehren. Und nicht maulen und stillhalten. Oder nur maulen und trotzdem stillhalten. Oder Maulen, aber nur Stillhalten.